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Knowledge of our housing program brings relief and hope for women who are pregnant and homeless.

Pregnancy creates and contributes to a variety of emotional and developmental changes that can affect almost every area of a woman’s life.

When a woman is homeless during pregnancy the risks are even greater. “Some of these risks include pre-term labor, low birthweight, and extended hospital stays for both mother and baby. Women who are pregnant and homeless are also more likely to experience two or more mental or medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, impact of underuse, limited or no access to prenatal care at the same time.”

Homelessness is a trauma with increased health risks for women who are pregnant.

At the Virginia Women and Family Support Center, our housing program provides the safety and stability pregnant women and their babies need for improved maternal health and safety outcomes.

Safe housing is the foundation upon which stability is built.

Visit other pages on our website to learn more about how the Virginia Women and Family Support Center (VAWFSC) is contributing to reducing the number of women who are pregnant and homeless through long-term housing.

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