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Our Mom's Boutique

VAWFSC has been swamped with hundreds of calls for assistance recently, and we're truly touched to be able to support the community. We all face challenging moments, and it's perfectly valid to seek a helping hand when you need it. That's why we're here - to extend that hand of help. 

Mom's Boutique 

Stop by every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month to pick up diapers, wipes, hygiene items, and more. If you don't mind, we would appreciate if you could fill this form out. If you haven't filled it out in time, no worries! Please come anyways.

Mom's Boutique Location:

14019 Glenkirk Rd,

Gainesville, VA 20155

Thanks for registering! We look forward to seeing you at the Mom's Boutique soon.

Clothes Donation

Do you want to Volunteer?

Are you interested in volunteering for our moms boutique? Fill out the form Linked Below!

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