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Frances Robin
Director of Virginia Women and Family Support Center

"In 2016, Carried To Full Term was established with a clear mission to provide housing for pregnant women facing homelessness. Over the years, we expanded to provide support for women who had recently given birth, including those with additional children.


Our journey has been one of immense privilege, having had the honor to serve over two hundred families with housing, support, and resources, with the help of our supportive community. In 2017, the seven babies who were born in our program are now thriving first graders, a testament to our commitment to creating a better future for our families.


In 2020-2022, we survived the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, our residents, armed with the skills and support we provided, successfully navigated these difficulties. The aftermath of the pandemic resulted in a significant surge in the number of urgent calls for housing assistance. The demand for our services has grown exponentially, reflecting the stark reality that women and children constitute the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population. In Virginia alone, statistics mirror this nationwide trend, highlighting the plight of pregnant women and children experiencing homelessness.

To meet this increased demand and serve a broader range of families in need, our Board of Directors and staff explored avenues to expand our services. As a result, at the start of 2024, we announced our name change to the Virginia Women and Family Support Center. While our name has changed, our mission remains unwavering.  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who've supported us over the past eight years. Your contributions have been invaluable in our journey to provide long-term housing and support to women who are pregnant and homeless.


We invite you to continue supporting us as we embark on this new chapter. Together, let's stand united in serving a larger number of families, all while advocating for and acknowledging the diverse family dynamics that exist within our community."

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As we celebrate eight incredible years of housing women and families, we are excited to share a special message from Frances Robin, Director of the Virginia Women and Family Support Center.

"Today, I got dressed in the same shirt I wore eight years ago when I met up with Reverend Sean for the keys to start Carried To Full Term to house women who are pregnant and homeless for up to two years. Eight years ago, a big dream sprinkled with some faith, with no money but big potential was born. Today I met up with Reverend Sean to say thanks for trusting and believing in this mission. Next week, the seven babies born into this program less than a year after opening will be graduating second grade.


For eight years, we have witnessed women regain hope, freedom, stability, and safety. In the last eight years, we have witnessed women regain their freedom, confidence, stability, safety and hope for a better life. Some of the memorable milestones include a recent name change from Carried To Full Term, to Virginia Women and Family Support Center. We have added additional locations, and expanded our mission. It has been an amazing eight years of forming beautiful friendships and doing miraculous things with partners to help women and their children. I am a witness that the Creator does not abandon.


Miracles have happened in the hallways at the Yellow House. Lives have been transformed from abandonment to victory. I have heard stories that will break the strongest heart. I have seen babies born way too soon, who fought to be present. I have witnessed women fight their past to grasp the hope ahead. This mission has been a life-saving option for women and their children. To everyone who has served, and funded this mission thank you. I am deeply grateful for every experience, the good, and the growth. When we officially opened eight years ago, we received up to ten calls a week. Eight years later, we receive up to ten requests a day. Now more than before, we need more help, your help, to house more moms. Click here to join us to continue and grow this mission."

-Frances Robin, Executive Director


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We are excited to celebrate our 8th year of supporting women and families experiencing homelessness alongside you. Your generosity and volunteer efforts have transformed lives, and we thank you for your continued support.


To join in the celebration, we invite you to donate just $20 a month. Become one of the 265 dedicated Cycle Breakers that who help cover the rent for women and their children at our three properties.

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