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We are excited to celebrate our 8th year of supporting women and families experiencing homelessness alongside you. Your generosity and volunteer efforts have transformed lives, and we thank you for your continued support.


To join in the celebration, we invite you to donate just $20 a month. Become one of the 265 dedicated Cycle Breakers that who help cover the rent for women and their children at our three properties.


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In 2023 alone, we were able to provide support to 78 pregnant mothers and their children.


During this time period, we also were able to help 55 families with support, services, and shelter.


Last year we received 178 calls for help serving as a reminder of the pressing issue of homelessness.

These numbers represent a unique story of pregnant mothers and their families desperately seeking stability and a safe place to call home. But, we can't do this alone and need your support to end homelessness. 

Empowering Women & Stabilizing Families

At Virginia Women & Family Support Center, we are dedicated to empowering pregnant women and their families in crisis through long-term housing and holistic support. Our goal is to invest in and empower vulnerable women to regain their independence, to live with dignity, and to thrive with hope.


We believe in the power of community, together, we can and will make a lasting impact to help women regain their independence, stabilize their families and live hope-filled lives for a brighter future. 

In 2023, D.C. saw a 12.1% increase in homelessness -
with nearly 1,732 people and their families homeless

The impact on children is significant, with 704 homeless children in D.C. families according to the 2023 PIT count.

Vision for Expansion

In 2016, the Virginia Women and Family Support Center, originally founded as Carried To Full Term, embarked on a mission to end homelessness among pregnant women and their children. By 2024, we've experienced significant growth, acquiring two additional properties—a house in Manassas and an office in Gainesville. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to making our biggest dreams a reality, enabling us to assist hundreds of families and profoundly impact their futures.

At the heart of our mission is Cycle Breakers, a program where 100% of your support transforms lives beyond housing. The Virginia Women and Family Support Center empowers women through access to higher education and essential classes in parenting, maternal health, and birthing. Our comprehensive support system equips women with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as students and thrive as mothers, paving the way for a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Mother with Twins


Since 2016, we've been on a mission to end homelessness. 

At VAWFSC, we're taking on the broader challenge of homelessness among women, children, and families. Our focus includes mental health, trauma, and maternal wellness with a holistic approach, ensuring comprehensive support for women & families in need. 

The Fundamental Aspects of Our Mission:

Maternal Health

Our Carried To Full Term program is at the forefront of our commitment to maternal health. We provide comprehensive support for pregnant women, ensuring they receive the care and resources needed for a healthy pregnancy. From prenatal education to emotional support, we empower women to navigate the journey of motherhood with confidence, fostering a nurturing environment for both mother and child.


We understand that education is a key to breaking cycles, just like stable housing. Our commitment to education is with the goal to give our residents real, lasting change. By providing access to learning opportunities, we aim to give our residents the tools they need for personal and professional growth. To us, education is a pathway to resilience and a brighter future. 

Wellness and Trauma Care


Wellness and trauma care is integral to our mission. We understand the impact that trauma can have on pregnant women and their families. A vulnerably housed populations study by the University of Ottawa reports that 91% of homeless people have experienced at least one traumatic event, and 99% experienced childhood trauma.Through specialized programs and trauma services, we offer a holistic approach to healing, nurturing emotional well-being, and resilience. Our goal is to empower women to overcome challenges, fostering a supportive community that values mental and emotional health.

Ensuring long-term stable housing is a fundamental aspect of our work at the Virginia Women and Family Support Center. Access to adequate housing stands as a cornerstone of societal well-being, with statistics underscoring its profound impact. We believe that offering a stable place to call home not only breaks the cycle of homelessness, but also fulfills a basic human need, reducing the likelihood of poverty, contributing to a decrease in hospital visits, and fostering an increase in educational progress among children. This commitment creates a foundation for lasting positive change in the lives of those we support.

Women & families need your support.

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