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After seven years of dedicated service, we have changed to accomodate the increased demand for our services.

In 2016, Carried To Full Term was established with a clear mission to provide housing for pregnant women facing homelessness. Over the years, we expanded to provide support for women who had recently given birth, including those with additional children.

Our journey has been one of immense privilege, having had the honor to serve over two hundred families with housing, support, and resources, with the help of our supportive community. In 2017, the seven babies who were born in our program are now thriving first graders, a testament to our commitment to creating a better future for our families.

In 2020-2022, we survived the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, our residents, armed with the skills and support we provided, successfully navigated these difficulties. The aftermath of the pandemic resulted in a significant surge in the number of urgent calls for housing assistance. In Virginia alone, statistics mirror this nationwide trend, highlighting the plight of pregnant women and children experiencing homelessness.

To meet this increased demand to serve a broader range of families in need, our name was changed to the Virginia Women and Family Support Center. While our name has changed, our mission remains unwavering. Carried To Full Term will continue as the maternal arm of our newly named organization.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who've supported us over the past seven years. Your contributions have been invaluable in our journey to provide long-term housing and support to women who are pregnant and homeless.

We invite you to continue supporting us as we embark on this new chapter. Together, let's stand united in serving a larger number of families, all while advocating for and acknowledging the diverse family dynamics that exist within our community.

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