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Origins: Just the Right Amount

Frances Robin's story is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and a commitment to uplifting others. Born and raised in the small Village of Wesley, in the Caribbean island of Dominica, Frances grew up in a humble setting. Influenced by grandmother's passion to love and see the good in everyone and her mother's passion for helping. Frances’ life was marked for service and leadership at an early age. Despite the modest means of her upbringing, her life was rich with the values of community, faith, and service. These values would become the cornerstone of her life's work, shaping her into a beacon of hope and support for many.

Humble Beginnings in Dominica

Dominica, known for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture, is where Frances' story begins. In her formative years, she learned the importance of community and the strength that comes from unity. Her family, though not affluent, was deeply rooted in faith. This faith was not just a belief but a way of life that emphasized honesty, love, service and living with purpose.

Frances' mother instilled in her the significance of education, hard work, and, most importantly, faith in the Creator. These early lessons laid the foundation for her future endeavors. Frances had other influences, three teachers specifically, contributed to shaping her life. Teacher Coralie, Mr. Robin and Teacher Judith saw a spark, and nurtured her light and inquisitive nature as she excelled in her studies. 

A Journey of Faith and Empowerment

The guiding forces throughout Frances’ life have been her Grandmother’s love, her mother’s steadiness and her faith. Moving to the United States, she brought with her the values and resilience that her upbringing instilled. Her journey and adjustment to life in America was not without challenges. She had to learn to navigate holding onto her strong sense of her cultural identity. 

In Virginia, Frances' perception of life and wealth was readjusted when a service project changed her worldview and understanding of life in America. The church her family became involved with volunteered one Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen. That project brought Frances face to face with the reality of poverty and homelessness in America. The experience was shocking. Her experiences and observations led her to serve as a volunteer at shelters and crisis centers. She would go on to establish the Virginia Women and Family Support Center, a long-term housing program for women who are pregnant and homeless. As the founder and director, Frances has dedicated herself to creating a safe haven for women and their children. The center offers long-term housing and a range of services, from counseling, educational workshops  and trauma care.

The Virginia Women and Family Support Center

Under Frances' leadership, the Virginia Women and Family Support Center has become a pillar of hope for women in the community. Her commitment to empowering women and families is evident in every aspect of the center's operations. The center not only provides immediate relief from homelessness but also equips women with the tools they need to keep their families together, regain their independence and build a better future.

Frances' approach is holistic, addressing both the immediate and long-term needs of the women and families served. Her programs are designed to foster independence, resilience, and self-sufficiency. The impact of her work is profound, with countless success stories of women who have transformed their lives through the support they received.

At the Heart of the Mission

At the core of Frances' mission is her love for others and Faith. This belief has guided her every step, providing her with the vision and strength to pursue her calling. Frances believes that her work is not just a profession but a purposeful commission. She is passionate about advocating for others. She believes in justice for the marginalized, hope for the innocent and safety for the homeless and abandoned. She infuses everything she does, from the way she interacts with clients to her strategic decisions.

Frances often shares that the mission she has been able to achieve so much with very limited resources because of grace and steady support of donors. She recounts numerous instances where, just when the center needed it the most, she had just the right amount of funding or just the right amount of support would arrive. These moments, she believes, are a testament to the power of faith and divine providence.

Growing the Mission: A Call for Support

While the Virginia Women and Family Support Center has made remarkable strides, evidenced by the families and children who have benefited from the program, the need is great. As the housing shortage worsens, the need for its services continues to grow. Frances is committed to expanding the center's reach and impact. She happily shares, the seven babies born into our program in 2017, are rising second graders. The need for housing is urgent and Frances needs more than just the right amount of funding. She needs sustained and substantial support to ensure that the center can continue to provide critical services and expand its programs.

Frances envisions a future where the center can offer even more comprehensive support, expanded housing options, expanded educational programs, and broader outreach initiatives. To realize this vision, she is calling on individuals, businesses, and organizations to partner with the center. Every contribution, whether financial or in-kind, brings the center one step closer to achieving its mission. More Than Just The Right Amount is Needed. 


Frances Robin's journey from a humble upbringing in Dominica to becoming a leader and advocate for women and families in Virginia is an inspiring story of faith, persistence, and dedication. Her unwavering commitment to her staff, community and her mission has transformed countless lives and continues to be a source of hope and empowerment.

As she looks to the future, Frances remains steadfast in her belief that with the support, faith and strength in community, the Virginia Women and Family Support Center can reach even greater heights. Together, we can help support the vital work. Together we can give families new hope, safe, and stable housing and the opportunity to thrive. Click here to give. 

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Knowledge of our housing program brings relief and hope for women who are pregnant and homeless.

Pregnancy creates and contributes to a variety of emotional and developmental changes that can affect almost every area of a woman’s life.

When a woman is homeless during pregnancy the risks are even greater. “Some of these risks include pre-term labor, low birthweight, and extended hospital stays for both mother and baby. Women who are pregnant and homeless are also more likely to experience two or more mental or medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, impact of underuse, limited or no access to prenatal care at the same time.”

Homelessness is a trauma with increased health risks for women who are pregnant.

At the Virginia Women and Family Support Center, our housing program provides the safety and stability pregnant women and their babies need for improved maternal health and safety outcomes.

Safe housing is the foundation upon which stability is built.

Visit other pages on our website to learn more about how the Virginia Women and Family Support Center (VAWFSC) is contributing to reducing the number of women who are pregnant and homeless through long-term housing.

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