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Many Women Report Mistreatment During Pregnancy and Delivery

Nothing is more stressful to a upcoming mother than having difficulties before, during, and after the pregnancy. Soon to be, current, new, old, any kind of mother all have a lot on their mind that they think about when having a child. One of the things these mothers should not have to stress about is their regular trips to the doctor.

More than 1 in 5 women reported mistreatment while receiving maternity care. According to the following CDC article, 30% Black, 29% Hispanic, and 27% of multicultural women reported mistreatment during their pregnancy. Mistreatment took the forms of receiving no response when asking for help, being scolded, not having their physical privacy protected, and being threatened to withhold treatment.

More communication is needed during maternity care. Mothers needs and concerns should always be heard and validated along any point in their pregnancy. There have been too many times when mothers have been gaslighted to not speak on their needs or concerns, when there is a chance those concerns could impair the safety and well being of the baby or the mom herself.

No mother needs the added stress of not feeling heard throughout their pregnancy. Ever mother has a voice, a voice that we must empower, we must enhance, we must provide confidence for all mothers to make sure every concern they have is alleviated or addressed. No mother should be told they are crazy or making a big deal of something that could be much bigger than they imagine. No thought is too much.

When we prioritize in the maternity care of single mothers, we're investing in the future prosperity of society as a whole. By providing support, mentorship, financial assistance, and accessible resources, we can create a more inclusive and safe environment where single mothers have the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their potential, enriching the fabric of our communities in the process.

At Virginia Women and Family Support Center, we are dedicated to the aid of homeless pregnant women and their children with the tools needed for autonomy, self-sufficiency, and holistic healing. By focusing on trauma care, maternal health, workforce development, continuing education, mental health and trauma, we aim to break the cycle of homelessness and empower women to thrive.

Your participation in advocating for change is life-changing. Whether you choose to volunteer, become a Cycle Breaker, or want to learn more about our mission, your involvement will transform hundreds of lives.

Join us in fostering a future where every woman has equitable access to the healthcare and support that she deserves. Together, we can spark change, elevate voices of those who aren't able, and illuminate the path towards a brighter tomorrow.

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